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Lowood Pet Lodge

Boarding Kennel and Cattery

Admissions & Services

All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations. Dogs require a minimum of a C5 and cats an F3. If your pets have never been vaccinated before a 14 day waiting period after the second vaccination is given is required before they can be accepted into the kennels and cattery. Proof of vaccinations must be shown on admission. This allows us to keep both your pets, and those of other clients, in the best possible health.

Not all pets are suited to staying in boarding kennels. Some may become stressed and anxious while others may become aggressive towards other animals. Lowood Pet Lodge will assess your pet on arrival and maintains the right to refuse admission.

It is recommended that dogs are up to date with tick, flea and worming treatments before coming into kennels. This helps to eliminate the spread of ticks, fleas and worms, again protecting your pets and those of other clients. Many customers also like their dog to receive a hydrobath before departure. A dog who is with us for 14 days or more will receive one complimentary hydrobath on departure.

We can also arrange for your pet to receive extra treats during the day - bones, pig ears and frozen chicken necks are a favourite with the dogs!

We would prefer your pets to come in wearing their own collars.

Customers will be required to sign an idemnity card on their initial visit. This allows Lowood Pet Lodge to give your pets the best possible veterinary care should it be required.