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Lowood Pet Lodge

Boarding Kennel and Cattery

Daily Care and Routines

All animals are fed with premium quality food.

Dogs receive a mixture of dry food plus a casserole of freshly home cooked chicken mince, rice and vegetables.

If you wish your pet to receive dry food only we are happy to oblige.

If pets have special dietary requirements, owners are welcome to bring in their own supply of food.

There are four separate kennel blocks:-

1. For Small Dogs - separate enclosures for each dog with access to three large exercise yards.

2. For Medium Dogs - separate enclosures for each dog with their own runs and access to large exercise yards.

3. For Large Dogs - separate enclosures for each dog with their own private extra large runs.

4. For Multiple Dogs - large open plots with free standing kennels used to house two or more dogs from the same family.

Cats are housed in our small cosy cattery adjacent to the office.

All dog and cat enclosures are cleaned out and sanitised daily. We ensure all pets receive plenty of exercise. The team at Lowood Pet Lodge will take time each day to check your pet is eating properly, not displaying signs of stress and anxiety and/or any signs of ill-health. If we feel there are any concerns we will endeavour to contact you immediately.